TDS meets NBS

OK, enough already.  As many of you know, I did not support Trump nor did I vote for him, but the hyperbolic Anti Trump rage is simply out of control and way, way, way beyond anything that reasonable political opposition would support.  It has reached the point where if Trump cured cancer the left would criticize him for putting doctors out of work.

When Trump responded to the Syrian chemical attack, even pundits and anchors on the left initially praised the action.  But then someone explained to them this was not Obama’s delayed response but was done by the evil Trump demon, they suddenly fell all over themselves to now paint things in the worst possible light, even if they had to go to extreme mind bending lengths to do it.  The epidemic of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) was nowhere better demonstrated than by Lawrence O’Donnel of MSNBC with the snarkiest insidious insinuations that actually Putin orchestrated the attack on his own air force and volunteered to make himself look bad in order to help his buddy Trump.

Dear God, get a grip.  This response has long ago left the rails of concern for our country and its future and is now clearly simply an expression of rage.  Blind rage.  And with it TDS has joined forces with NBS (Null Brain Syndrome).

I’m sorry to confess I do know a bit about rage; I know it for the detrimental, counter-productive force that it is.  It is a caustic cargo, like carrying acid in a paper bag, it eats the container from the inside out.  Left unchecked it sprays our brain with its own endorphins and ultimately consumes us. 

If, in fact, you care more about your country than your love of expressing your rage (something not in clear evidence) then it is time to accept reality: Trump is president.  He needs all the help he can get or he could take us all down with him.  We know he is a counter attacker when he sees himself under attack.  And when he feels that, he shoots in all direction and we find ourselves, as we are now, in the middle of the political masturbation that is simply a partisan version of savage tribal payback wars.  So instead of revealing terminal level emotional incontinence vie intellectual impotence and simply forcing another few years of prolonged gridlock, how about this…?

Look for common ground that all can agree on.  Both sides agree we need a revision of our immigration laws to make legal immigration an easier ordeal.  Both side agree that the tax code is, at 5 times the length of the Bible, out of control and needs overhaul.  Both sides agree that many of the regulatory departments from Education to EPA to even Defense, is rife with bloat, waste, and even corruption.  Both sides understand that the debt is out of control and unsustainable.  The government could easily take the next four years addressing and trying to find resolutions for those mutually agreed upon issues but we will not successfully tackle even one of them so long as we keep high centering on those things with which we disagree and refusing to address the things upon which we agree.

So this is really in your lap.  Trump is now a known ‘given’.  He is a narcisstic bully with zero competence to run the country.  But he is what we have for the next few years.  As P.J. O’Rourke wrote, he may not be smart but over the past 50 year we tried smart and that didn’t turn out all that well.  It is time to simply ignore him and concentrate on the legislative branch and convince those members their cushy jobs may depend on our appraisal of how well they start working TOGETHER for us and the country.

So what’s your call?



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