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Working on Some Summer Stuff

San Diego – This past week has been so utterly crazy at school as to roll the energy drain of an entire semester into one week.  At last, the census date has arrived and the idiocy of admissions in dealing with students trying to register and get into the class they deserve and need is over.  Mostly the students lost but that is generally the case.  And with the budget crisis only likely to get worse, maybe far worse before it gets better unless a miracle happens and the state Gods realize education hold more impact in store for their future than prison guards and snail darters.  I’m not holding my breath.

And the national front is no better.  Obamessiah continues his blithering economic fumbling or destruction (depending on whether you think he is just stupid or he is brilliant but hates this country as much as his preacher does) and there is really nothing new to say on it.  Of course the campaign season is young, he has yet to deliver his speech and the debates have not really started in earnest so surely some grist remains for the photographic mill.  But in the meantime…

I needed a quick break visually so returned to the RAW shots from the Bristlecone Pines trip this summer and produced two more for your interest and, hopefully, enjoyment.  This has been a painfully slow process with school stuff intervening.  But at least here are two more…

This first image is from the first afternoon in Lone Pine when i ran over to the Alabama Hills to see what might avail…

There was a great deal of haze against the Sierras.  That jagged peak more or less in the middle is Mt. Whitney, tallest peak in the lower 48, at least by a few feet.  I was drawn by the contrast of the blue haze laying against the mountains and the browns of the foreground.  Here were two very different worlds separated by color.

The next shot is from the flanks of Mt. Whitney itself.  A stream runs down a waterfall and along the Portal road on its way down to the valley.  We went up there the next morning.

I had already taken the shots close to the waterfall you saw in previous posts but then decided to walk down along the stream.  Here is a quiet little nook, perfect to stop and relax, take in the sounds of the stream and the smells of the spring foliage.  It was something that, in the old days, I would have wanted to paint so I decided on an approach that recalled that vision.

Here is a late addition.  It is a shot in the Ancient Bristlecone Pines Forest in the White Mountains looking across Owens Valley (Bishop, CA is out of sight but right below this shot) to the Sierra Nevadas.

OK, now I need to shower and get down to campus.  We just got in two new Epson 4900 printers that need to be installed and profiled so time to get going.

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Bristle Cone Pines Trip Data

San Diego – Finally I’ve gotten the important data back regarding a summer photo trek into the famous Bristlecone Pines of the White Mountains in California.  Here is the information about our summer photo trek to The Bristlecone Pines:

Dates:  July 14 (Thursday) through July 17 (Sunday)


  1. Preliminary meeting on campus, time and room TBA but at least week before the trip.
  2. (optional) Leave Thursday and drive to the Lee Vining area. (About 6-7 hrs drive)  I’m checking to see if I can get group rates at any of the lodging in that area.  We will photograph Mono Lake at Sunset
  3. Friday: Photograph Mono Lake at Sunrise then drive back south to Big Pine.  We’ll aim for lunch here and rendezvous with those who could not come up on Thursday at The Country kitchen diner (typical small town diner on the south end of town (181 S. main Street).  Big Pine is about a 6 hr Drive from San Diego.

    From there we will head up to Crooked Creek Research Station in the White mountains.  We will photograph along the way and if time permits stop at the Methuselah Grove.

  4. Saturday: Photograph at Patriarch Grove near the top of the White Mountains. Then Free time.
  5. Sunday: Return to San Diego and can do the lower Methuselah Grove on the way out.
  6. “Show and Tell” review and critique of work, two weeks later, time and date TBA


For the Mono Lake/Lee Vining portion you are on your own for food and lodging but, as noted I am trying to get us a group lodging discount in the area.  For the Bristlecone Pines area…

  1. Once we are at The Crooked Creek Station, the lodging (Dorm style) and all meals while we are there are included in the price.  We will be in heated dorm-style rooms with bunk beds but will need to bring a sleeping bagh since linens are not included.
  2. Fee includes Crooked Creek lodging and food and instructor.
  3. $250 per student.
  4. Fee must be paid at preliminary meeting so it can be deposited with the UC reservation system that runs the Crooked Creek and Barcroft High Altitude Research stations.

At the Preliminary meeting we will cover issues such as:

  • Weather
  • High Altitude issues
  • Ride/room sharing
  • Staying at the Research Stations
  • Camera Gear and photo issues.

If you are interested PLEASE let me know ASAP so that I can alert the research station as to how many are coming.  This is their busy season so room is at a premium and normally scientific groups get preference.  if we do not have enough firm commitments by mid June we will lose our place in line so get back to me right away so I can at least let them know to hold a certain amount of space.  THe dorm facilities are large enough for several groups to be there at the same time and it is interesting sometimes to talk to the researchers.  But, again, it can put a strain on reservations.

To give you a tease of what we will see here are some photos from my last trek there.

Remember, send me an email right away if you will be able to join us.

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