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Sacrifices Revisited…Solving My Debt Crisis by the Government Plan

San Diego — After the post on being willing to help the country out of its debt crisis by following its example. and using the math of an old friend and correspondent I revealed that to match the President’s new budget offering of sacrifice by cutting 1/35,000 of the debt, I would, based on my debt of around $3,000, pitch in and cut my own spending by $0.085 cents.  (See the post, “Spreading the Sacrifice.”)  Then, being a good citizen, I went further and agreed to double that so that my enlightened liberal friend would not have to sacrifice as well, and then upped it even more to $0.20 to contribute my share for my own State’s debt crisis.

I know, I know, you are all in awe of my patriotic generousity… and as well you should be.  But since then I have been studying the Administration’s approach more carefully, looking, of course, for clues based on their leadership and economic brilliance being so openly displayed, as to what else I might do to not only share their approaches and in doing so, solve my own debt issues.  And, amazingly, they did not disappoint with inaction.

I have been especially taken with their desire to engage in more “investments” to help solve the debt crisis.  And I’ve listened to the mouthpieces for them extolling the virtues of these approaches.  So based on that, here is my plan…  Having already sacrificed my $0.20 spending, I’m not engaging in more spending but am willing to invest in such things as, perhaps, a new car.  Of course i will have to borrow the money to do that since i do not have the revenue to cover it.  Oh, and, well, it will depreciate daily from the time I get it so i won’t get my money back out of it…ever, much less in time to offset my debt, but then the same can be said for the proposed new high speed train system’s investment or the new green technologies.

But since I have been promised that it would work on a large scale for the government and country, why would I not think the same will work on my personal scale?  Economics is economics and this is perfect Keynseian thinking just on a smaller scale.  In fact, maybe if I borrowed money for a summer cottage in the mountains I would get out of debt even faster…  And while I’m at it, i’m a photographer and would dearly love some of the new medium format and large format digital gear.  But, again, following in the government’s leadership footsteps, the fact that I do not have the money to pay for them is irrelevant, if I simply call it an investment then all should be well so what is a little more borrowing in the greater scheme of things?

They also want to raise taxes in both the country and the State and especially on those evil businesses.  California has always been the harbinger of things to come with its own benighted leadership acumen and once again have shown the way.  Of course to save the snail darters and starve us of that evil petroleum and regulate us into a state of serfdom, a study discussed today on that bastion of enlightenment, NPR, showed that California was the least business friendly State in the country having driven away hundreds of businesses in the past year.  I assume since we are nearly as brilliant as the Feds, that must be a good thing.  Reducing our revenues by eliminating those who can pay tribute — uh, taxes — must be another of those brilliant ideas that is so profound it simply takes awhile to appreciate.  And it must be a good thing since the Feds want to do essentially the same thing.  Well, OK then, if reducing revenue is also a way to help the country and state out of the debt crises, then who am I to quibble?  Clearly I need to go to MY revenue source, and do all I can to get them to lower my pay.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll ask my Credit Card provider to raise my limit — increase my debt ceiling — so I can borrow all that extra money.

Why would I think that might accelerate some impending doom such as that my debt service alone could match my revenue and I could never get out from under this?  After all, that is the situation the government is very close to being in and it does not seem to bother them.  And we keep hearing over and over from their apologists how smart they are…

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Spreading the Sacrifice

I just had a friend email me to let me know tthey did the math showing that the $100 million Obama wants to cut from Federal spending is about 1/35,000 of the debt. They, being good citizens, were willing to go along and you know what?  So am I.  So in the spirit of that great sacrifice our fearless leader is proposing, I am willing to do my share.  I owe about $3,000 on my credit card and that means that using the President’s own math I need to cut my spending by… $0.08.5.  THat’s right, if i cut my spending by 8.5 cents I will be matching the budget sacrifice proposed by the president relative to the debt we face.  I had no idea it was so big.

In fact, I was not sure at first that I could do it without cutting something critical, so I undertook a careful budget analysis.  Well, heck, it will be tight, i know, but the country is in trouble so I will show that I am a good citizen.   In fact, I’m in a sacrificial and generous mood so i’ll round that up to 9-cents.  How do you like that?   So I expect the same from all of my concerned friends.

Now I do have one extremely liberal friend and if he holds true to form he will actually want me to DOUBLE my sacrifice so that he will not have to make his own and thereby better preserve his far more important and enlightened state of personal security.  And you know what, by golly I’ll do it.   I hereby solemnly promise to follow my President’s lead and my liberal friend’s need and trim not 9-cents but  18-cents from my own profligate spending ways.  In fact, I’ll go some better than that.  Because my State, California, is equally bankrupt and needs to do some trimming I’ll join in the game and just raise that 18-cents to twenty cents.  You do realize we are now talking one fifth of a whole dollar so we are well into meaningful cash here.

i hope you are as impressed with my sacrifice as I am with his…


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