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Whose Side Are We On Now? And What Does That Say About Us?

San Diego – Just when you think it might be safe to look outside after surviving the non-end-of-the-world which left its proponent “Flabberghasted” (to use his own words), King Barrack I once again steps into an arena for which he insists on showing his complete level of unpreparedness.  Never mind that he has already, and several times, shown his contempt or ignorance of the pesky moldy old document we call the Constitution (by ignoring the commerce clause with his health care plan and telling his justice department to not enforce laws duly passed with which he disagrees) and his disdain for the congress (by ignoring the War Powers Act that now has the US clearly involved in Libya in an open violation of congressional authority — and you serious left wingers, don’t take my word for it listen to the ultimate left wing guy, Rep. Dennis Kucinich) all to further his agenda of bringing down the old system to make it easier to rebuild following his own vision, he has now also added clarity to that vision by once again acting to empower and encourage the radical jihadists in the middle east at the expense of our only ally and only real democracy in that region.

He already had given a virtual green light to The Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt and worked to mask their true intentions by sending an administration stooge out to tell us a bald-faced lie about their local and secular nature that flew directly in the face of their published charter and avowed mission as stated on their own web site (which I copied and reprinted a number of posts ago).  As if to rub salt in that open wound to the truth, the leader of the Brotherhood, in the past week, stated clearly that if they regain power in Egypt their main plan is to install Shariah as the guiding system and to help with the eradication of the state of Israel as a Holy Duty.  But that was no surprise to me or to anyone else who bothered, unlike the President, to read their own literature.

Or maybe, just maybe, he knew that all along and in fact supported it.  Once again i have to ask the same question: which interpretation of him do you prefer: stupid and naive or deceitful and malevolent?  There is no middle choice here.

Actually, don’t worry, he helped answer that for you this past week.  His speech on a solution to the Israeli existence essentially ignored history, and not only of the populations and names of the region, but of the political realities on that area extending back thousands of years and right up to the present day.  Ancestors of modern Jews have been living in the area referred to as the “Levant” or the littoral region of the eastern shores of the Mediterranean for nearly 6,000 years.  The Romans called the entire region “Palestine” which included several other modern states that were created by European fiat after World War Two.  By a Roman definition ALL semitic people of that region were Palestinians which included the Jews.

Prior to WWII not one of the modern countries in that region existed in its exact present state, and some did not exist AT ALL.  And before World War I it was almost all part of the Ottoman Empire. Check a late 1800s-vintage map if you don’t believe me.  And then get over this “who was there first” BS until you are ready to give ALL of the Americas (from pole to pole) back to the Indians, the UK back to the Celts and Gaels, and nearly all of the middle east back to the Ottomans, or even the Macedonians, then back to the Romans if we could find any.  During the crusades Saladin, who defended the Holy Land against the invading Crusaders was a Kurd from the Caliphate of Egypt. So we would then hand off to the Egyptians who would then transfer to the Persians, and then back to the Babylonians and Sumerians.   And trust me, if we offered to do that we would have lots of hands in the air of people claiming to be Sumerian and we would probably continue our stupidity by being willing to believe them.  It is time to get over it!

Then in the late 1940s, the Europeans once again created yet another state out of a large essentially ungoverned and otherwise politically unspecified area and called it Israel at which point the newly minted Israelis did the unthinkable — they poured into the country from all over the world and applied intelligence and diligence and tons of back breaking work and turned a barren, inhospitable desert into a flourishing garden filled with bustling cities engaged in international commerce.

The neighboring Arabs, meantime, were mired in 7th Century mentalities and when not killing each other as apostates in the name of the ‘religion of peace’ had done virtually nothing for themselves except take whining and victimhood to a truly artistic level once their former wonder and glory faded away after being seen as decadent and too “western” by the fundamentalist authorities who could use the poverty as a rallying point to blame failed policies on the infidels. (And being a fundamentalist simply means, by the way, that you take the words of your sacred text literally and as written rather than “spin” them to allow you to act as you would rather instead of as commanded.)  What great role models they were being: the men were too repressed and sex starved to be trusted so they blamed the women; the leaders were too stupid to lead their people forward so they blamed the rest of the world for holding them back; their beliefs had not prepared them for any modernization and industrial evolutions (much less revolution) so they blamed Satan and his minions, in other words, US.  If there was a problem it could not, by definition, be from within since they were simply doing what their 7th century war lord leader said…back then; so it had to be some problem from outside, from someone else, some other source.  But not the men themselves (and the women didn’t count except for their evil seductress wiles) who were perfect in the sight of Allah if they simply followed the limits of intelligence in the 7th century.  So while the muslim world, once so vibrant, ossified in its own stubbornness and unwillingness or inability to recognize that the world had changed out from under them, they searched desperately for a good, long term scapegoat the people, even less educated and aware than the leaders, would grasp on to and stop questioning leadership abilities and plan.  If whining had been elevated to an art form, scapegoating had been elevated to a science.

Israel was thus an absolute Godsend for them since it provided the most wonderful scapegoat they could ever have imagined.  Their brilliant solution was not to show their superior system by turning their deserts into verdant gardens or learning to create exports, develop a production capability and commerce capability to outdo the hated Jews and show that Allah gave them better instruction than the God of the Jews for all the world to see, but rather to blame the Jews for all ills known to man and seek to destroy it.

They were even too stupid to USE it as partners to help themselves because they, like our current leader, were to blinded by their own ideology to move beyond it and grow.  In a pathetic display perfectly calculated to prove the old adage that ‘misery loves company’ they stewed and fumed, plotted and planned among themselves and finally in 1967 launched a multi-prong attack to destroy Israel.

After all, they reasoned, Israel is this sorry little country barely 9 miles across and we are powerful, large, militant muslim countries supported in our holy quest by Allah himself.  Perhaps He wasn’t able to make gardens as well as the Jews’ God but surely he could beat them all in holy battle.  But… just to make sure, they waited until they were able to surround the little country into a desperate shooting gallery and then poured in tanks and troops in an attempt to repeat something akin to Hitler’s Blitzkrieg and effect their own version of a “final solution.”

Alas, Allah himself was apparently not up to the task or was off beating up on some other planet’s women that month and in only six days not only were their combined armies crushed and routed, but their forces were pushed back into their own former territories and Israel found itself with some considerable new land including the high ground around their country known as the Golan Heights.

History is not a story of cosmic fairness.  It is, instead, built on the backs of conquered people and territories are historically marked by conquest as much as by treaty.  The result that the Muslim countries launched a massive surprise attack and ended up having their butts handed to them on a platter should have ended it for all time.

But then Israel did something that was historically unprecedented, extremely nice, but in retrospect, naive and stupid, and reverberates to this day.  They offered to give back ALL of the territory they now occupied in exchange for treaties that guaranteed their right to exist: peace for land; land for peace.  So what happened?

ALL of the consistently brilliant Arab countries involved in the debacle refused the deal, falling back on their commitments to destroy the State of Israel.  It was as if “Stupidity” was a discipline in which you could earn a doctorate in the Muslim universities.  True to their word they have since tried several more times and each time been beaten back, often losing more ground int he process.  I believe in those actions of refusal and continued attack, they openly ceded the land to Israel and forfeited and claims to it for themselves or anyone else.

No one, regardless of any past accomplishments, has accused the modern Arab world of systemic brilliance and they have seemed bound to prove it over and over in this regard.  Millions of dollars of aid have flown to the Arab peoples living in the region they still call Palestine as if the Romans still ruled although the Romans would have been far less benevolent to them than the Israelis since the Romans certainly knew how to make object lessons out of dissenters and the Israelis have simply worked to protect themselves.  But those dollars were skimmed off by corrupt leaders and who got the blame for the continuing poverty?  The Jews, of course.

The self described Palestinians early on moved to Jordan, also part of the old Roman Palestine, but were so obnoxious and disruptive to their host country their own Arab brothers threw them out and they ended up back in the lap of Israel… and who got the blame?  The Jews, of course.  The duly elected organizations to be their leaders that all stated their intention to destroy the State of Israel and who backed it up by suicide murders of innocents and children and a never-ending barrage of rockets into Israeli cities.  And who got the blame?  The Jews.

Meantime have the Palestinians made a garden of their own areas?  Have they tried to settle down, show the peaceful intentions they claim to have and made of themselves an industrious talented people anyone would welcome into their fold?  No, they have continued to shell Israel and blame their condition on the Jews.  Other Arab countries and even the US give billions of money in aid to them and do they parlay that money into a thriving, contributing nation state of their own?  No, the leaders steal it or buy weapons with it to attack Israel while keeping their own people whipped up in a state of poverty.  And who gets the blame?  The Jews, of course.

And who, but someone blinded by or perhaps accepting of the rhetoric of the Muslim side, would not see that the biggest problem in the case of the Palestinians but generally throughout the Arab world is NOT some decadent outsider but their own tribal. victim minded, excuse needing, success hating mindset, would now suggest that the solution was to send Israel back to the status they had before the Arabs attacked en masse and then negotiate from there?

Are the conditions of the Palestinians deplorable?  Yes.  But perhaps if they put more effort into productive ends than into destructive plotting that would change and change quickly.  If they do not have the intelligence or motivation to first prove their peaceful intentions then demonstrate their contributions to a peaceful and productive region and make of themselves someone the local countries would be requesting to come and be a part of them, they deserve to live in the squalor they have created for and maintain for themselves.  Sorry, but get a life or live in the mud.

However, in typical liberal fashion where the solution to inequities is always seen not in trying to bring the lowest levels up but in bringing the highest levels down, or perhaps from the perspective of a Muslim seeing the existence of Israel per se as a huge affront to themselves… or both, the solution is to do to israel what is being done systematically to our economy: weaken it to the point of collapse so the desired alternative can be initiated.  But for the past 4,000 plus years, the people we now call Jews, have proven incredibly tough to destroy.

They have been taken as slaves, dispersed around the globe, killed by the millions in genocidal plots, and yet here they are still.  If one were to based the reality of a God on His power to protect those who believe in him, then the Jews themselves have to be the greatest clue as to which God is real and which of the countless other States and their gods were not. We Americans may not be tough enough to stand up and fight for our values against the attacks now coming from on top, but I suspect the Israelis are a tougher lot.  We now soft Americans may go quietly into that good night while begging the latest elected protector for some warmer blankets and just a little more gruel in our bowls, but I don’t think the Israelis will so readily follow some bellwether sheep to the slaughter.

Depending on the outcome of our upcoming elections I think we will close and lock the gates behind us on a march to self destruction or turn the corner toward a brighter new future.  Honestly I fear the former will happen as the sheep in our nation multiply.  But I am glad to know that somewhere in the world there remains a people who will fight to exist against all odds and have shown, over the centuries, that their core is sufficiently strong to let them do it and probably do it again.

We used to be that tough but that was when we had a core.  We let it slip some time ago and under the current elected monarch are divesting ourselves of the last remnant of it.  Maybe, historically, it is time for us to go.  But I do not think the same fate is in store for Israel.  Time will tell…

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