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My Birthday!!!

San Diego – After many years of research into the subject I find the statistics to be unassailable… birthdays are good for your health.  Why would i say that?  Surely it is obvious; the more you have the longer you live!  I’ll spend the day doing something I love – teaching.

NIK Software.  Last week Janice Wendt from NIK software did a demo for my Advanced Digital Class on the latest Photoshop plug-ins from NIK software.  i had used NIKS filters before and liked them but the new capabilities are really amazing.  This batch not only allows incredible global modifications they also allow for very tonal and area and color specific modifications.  Very powerful editing capabilities.  in her demo although the NIK-ware was driven by Photoshop she used them exclusively and both the technical and aesthetic control was really amazing.  if you are into digital photography and making each image the best it can be, do check out their complete set.  Not cheap but incredibly powerful.

Desert Flowers.  I went to Anza Borrego this weekend to check on the desert wildflowers since i had tentatively planned a field trip for next weekend.  Well it was early for the flowers by about two weeks according to local conjecture.  But I was able to see something I’ve never seen before.  Driving way up Coyote Canyon (where, by the way, there were a few flowers starting) water was flowing in the creek.  Quite a bit of water as a matter of fact.   But it was so great to see it.  I’ve obviously seen the signs of water flow in the dried and drying creek beds before but this was the first time I’ve seen some significant water flowing.  Cool!!!

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