We Survived!!!

22 Dec

Well, it looks like we survived.  12/21/2012 came and went, the last day according to many of yhe esoteric fringe; and now the 22nd has come and gone too.  Looks like lots of us are still here.  So the end didn’t happen after all.

The question is, since it did give everyone at least a slight pause, will we take advantage of that and make it a new beginning?  And if not now, since in just a few more days 2012 itself will close down shop, will we at least make 2013 a new beginning?

Will we come to our senses and realize you can’t spend your way out of a debt crisis or, for that  matter, ANY financial crisis?  I still hear people way, “Well, FDR did it.”  No, sorry, he did not. and even his own Secretary of the Treasury said the New Deal was not what brought back prosperity to the country.  Well then, what did?  It was the fortuitous discovery of the East Texas oil fields at precisely that moment in history that poured energy into the industrial process and allowed productivity to soar.  We actually have a similar situation waiting in the wings needing only the technology to use it profitably but we will have to wait to see if we are smart enough to do that or if my suggestion that this crisis is a purposeful strategy to bring us to our knees to make it easier to toss out the old fundamentals and replace them with something far different, to transform us into the place King Barrack’s father dreamed of.

Will we reach a new beginning where our politicians decide they actually work for the country and try to find sufficiently common ground to get something done?  Will we continue to just vote them back in if they don’t? Or will we hold their feet to the fire, make them live by the same rules they make for us and have to live on the same salary and pension levels we do?

Will we see a new beginning where a sense of ethics, responsibility, self-reliance, and the values and morals that made us a great country are re-awakened, or will we just continue to slouch toward a nation whose government is seen not as a guarantor of freedom but a guarantor of a continual supply of slop in the feed trough that is paid for by giving up those rights and freedoms?  Has the land of the free and home of the brave degraded itself into the land of the entitled and the home of the victim?

There are so many ways we could, as a country and as individuals see this new beginning, whether of another Mayan long count or simply another year, to turn this country back on the path that once made it great.  But will we?

Check in again this time next year as 2013 is drawing to a close to find out.

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