Why The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is in Trouble

04 Oct

San Diego – Now the truth is I could not properly list all of the reasons in a single post but a couple have just come to hand dealing with how our oh-so-progressive State Legislature works in the land of the liberal dream.

There was a Bill put forth that set down criteria for Community College Credits to be transferable to  the 4-year colleges.  A good thing in my opinion.  it went through all of the deliberative process with Committee oversight and analysis, all giving the green light to the Bill.  But at the last moment, the bill was gutted and amended to become a Bill dealing with approval to build a new football stadium in LA.  Because the Bill had already passed scrutiny it did not have to go through the approval process again simply because it was now a completely different topic and purpose.  it even kept the old name to further confuse things.

Because the sponsors knew what was supposed to be in it and did not take the time to re-read it they all voted for its passage.

So what DOES make it through the legislature pretty much in tact?  The Babysitter Bill. And how does that work, you asked?  I’ll be glad to tell you. imagine this scenario…

You’re all gussied up—hairspray, earrings, stilettos, ready for a romantic night out with just you and your honey. The doorbell rings: it’s the babysitter and you are ready for her.  You’ve got your emergency phone numbers ready, first aid kit handy, even a frozen pizza on the counter to make sure no one goes hungry.

Ha, not so fast…  under this new Bill, as you open the door, the babysitter hands you a form. It’s her service agreement. It requires you to provide minimum wage, workers’ comp insurance, a timecard, a paycheck and overtime pay, just in case your dinner and a movie lasts longer than 8 hours. Also, she’s brought a friend to cover her dinner break and rest.  And of course over the course of a year you will have crossed the line to where her compensation is now taxable and you will need to be like any good employer in dealing with that.  

No, this is not a hallucination brought on by all the newly legal pot, this is a bill, AB 889 to be precise, now pending in the California State Senate, also known as “the Babysitter’s Bill.


Meantime Educational needs go wanting and the State’s debts keep mounting while the schools, like ours, have to keep cutting more and more class sections.  Major businesses who do not have friends with the political clout to gain waivers, after drowning in a sea of regulations and taxes are leaving the State in droves (nearly 700 large firms left last year alone) taking with them employees and tax bases while, to use Lenin’s phrase, “useful idiots” such as some of my own students join in the march to “take over…(the specific targets change with the location)” to make it even harder on the businesses and then wonder why there is no money… Pretty brilliant, huh?
I want to know how many of those marchers are employers themselves who, by dint of their hiring workers and elevating productivity by creating goods consumers need, want, and pay sales taxes to acquire thereby help to raise the tax base and solve unemployment as opposed to parasites who simply want to drain the system for their own causes and gain?
I pretty much disagree with everything Lenin stood for and believed, but in this case, he was pretty accurate in his appraisal and labeling.

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2 responses to “Why The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is in Trouble

  1. Robert M. Bennett

    October 9, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Not enough money to pay for teachers, yet I read this morning “SACRAMENTO (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a bill giving illegal immigrant college students access to state-funded financial aid, the second half of two-part legislation known as the “Dream Act.” “

  2. ndking

    October 9, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Because of the unions they already have teachers in their pocket who live in such a state of denial in the fantasy world of academia they are no problem. Now the goal is to add the illegals to the pool. i simply do not understand the logic that says a legal citizen from another state pays more than an illegal alien from another country…


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