24 Sep

San Diego – Yesterday (Friday) my faculty partner, Dave Eichinger who is in charge of scheduling, got the word from the Dean that we needed more cuts for Spring.  In fact he got it twice — once early for a few cuts  and again later in the day for a few more cuts.

Now, the wretched news is that we are starting to cut into Adjunct Professor time as I feared we would have to do.  That really sucks swamp water.  Especially for them but also for the program.  He also was told that this coming summer will be a no-go.  Here we built this marvelous program over the last few years and now cannot provide it.  Well, we cannot provide it directly…


…we can do “private” (meaning not run by the school) workshops and seminars and we can run them as being hosted by the school.  Now it is time to pursue that plan seriously and vigorously.

I will be putting together plans for a series of such workshops over the next couple of weeks.  Already I have gotten a few interested instructors, some from within our faculty and some from the professional world.  So stay tuned for more on this coming soon!


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