22 Sep

San Diego – This past week I have been trying to put concept into action and have actively spoken with several potential workshop presenters to follow-up on my last post.  Most are interested in becoming involved which delights me no end.

In one case, my friend Steve Burns who is a photo-digital artist and president of the San Diego Photoshop User’s Group, my solicitation was turned back on me and i was asked to prepare a presentation for his group for October.  That request came during a discussion we were having about how photography, in the broadest sense, fit into the world of art, in the broadest sense and he decided I should give the talk on the intersection of art and photography and the issue of photography as an art form.

Sure Steve, no problem, want me to just give it later this evening?  Ha!  I was not altogether comfortable with the prospect of giving it next month.  In the meantime i decided to write down my thoughts on it and as is typical for me, never knowing when to quit, those quick thoughts have turned into an 11 page essay that really only address the opening question, “Is Photography an Art Form?”  along with the corollary question of if it can be, what is it that makes a particular image art or not art?

Now that topic opened up a philosophical can of worms that goes back at least to Plato and probably further. After an editing and cleaning up i will post it here probably as the next post and hope it will elicit some feedback.  I’ve also been honing the list of possible topics for seminars and possible locations for workshop field trips so we are moving ahead.  Alas, teaching does get a little in the way so things are moving a tad slower than I had planned and then I was a bit sidetracked by doing the research and prep for my presentation to Steve’s group.

In any case, it has been an enjoyable and fascinating exploration and it has taken my mind off of the utter nonsense that is passing for politics these days.  By the way, if you would like to read an objective appraisal of the issues both domestic and foreign facing the president and the box within he is operating, I’ve not read anything even approaching the even-handed reports from the private intelligence group STRATFOR.  Here is a link to their report on this topic:

Meantime, my workshop/seminar logistical pursuits, vis-a-vis getting a motorhome for a base have continued full steam and one of the results is that I have just created another blog that will be dedicated to the travels, adventures, and educational events that I plan to set in motion with that vehicle.  As soon as I find one more photo to go in the opening post giving the complete back story leading up to this decision I will unleash that blog and post a link on this site so you can go right to it.

Meantime, it is time to get ready for a class so will end this comparatively short post for now.  I’ll more than make up for it in the next one…

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