Power Failure, Old Ideas, and a Revisited Image

09 Sep

San Diego – Well the week is ending with a bang.  Virtually ALL of southern California, from Orange County down to Ensenada and from the coast into Arizona, went black at about 3:45 last evening.  I was in the grocery store when the lights went out and we were all told to leave,  Seems like a section of the transmission line in from the east went down and the failure cascaded through the system.  Although this was simply a failure in the line, I have often said terrorists could bring us to our knees if they simply took down the power grids.  This showed how easy it would be to do.

My neighbor was in a panic because he could not watch a football game.  Priorities, priorities…  The city was in grid lock because without power the trolley stopped, gas stations stopped pumping, traffic lights, except for a few with back up power, went down and nearly all stores closed in mid afternoon.  It was interesting to watch.  Me?  I got out my camp stove and made dinner to the light of candles and oil lamps, used a battery backup and inverter to power my laptop to get some work done and went to bed without the irritating street light illuminating my bedroom as it normally does.

The bad news was that my battery powered radio let me listen to the President’s speech where he described a plan that will result, in my opinion, with the facilitation of more people not wanting to even search for work, a gutting of social security even further without cutting any taxes that would cut into his spending desires, and then advocating spending that would easily breach any limitations with the so-called debt ceiling.  Basically more of the same “borrow and spend now but let someone later worry about paying it back” with some hyperbolic rhetoric about how the American People need us to work together, meaning that regardless of principles or beliefs in the catastrophe being proposed by these re-cycled ideas, the other side should simply sign on and as if he had a clue what an average American was, much less, wanted from him.

Oh well, I kept my blood pressure down by being able to apply some of the new techniques I’ve learned to a 2009 photo from Oregon.

It is an abandoned miners cabin along Galice Creek in Oregon.  It was shot in spring and I love how the still sleeping tree branches formed a screen to the cabin.  This one is destined for a Canvas print during my class for the 2nd 8-wks of the semester on canvas printing.

The power came back on early this morning so things are getting back to normal.  I guess this removes my excuse for going down to campus to do more profiling work on our printers and get some prints done for a friend and for the Deans and VPs so suppose that had I better get into the shower and head on down.


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