Snail Darters 100… Education 0

04 Aug

San Diego – There is no joy in being able to say, “I told you so” when the results leading to that really hurt yourself and your passions.  THat is certainly the case for us in the Photo Program at City College.

I have been writing, for several years now, that the liberal screeds on the importance of education were BS and utterly disingenuous unless that education was to indoctrinate the non-liberals in the wonders of socialist thinking and Keynesian economics.  California, the poster child for liberal policies and a main testing ground for progressive experiments, is the perfect case in point.  When the new liberal governor took over, realized to his horror that rhetoric aside, the state finally had spent all of other people’s money it could get and had to actually cut back on spending, what got cut?  Did anything negative happen to programs to protect snail darters, spotted owls, and delta smelts?  No.  Did anything positive happen in terms of allowing the state to start producing energy from its own reserves? No.

What went up? Regulations.  Resulting, last year in California being a leading state considered hostile to business and in over 650 major businesses leaving the State mostly to go to Texas and a few to Florida. Now that is brilliance beyond the call of the most progressive sense of duty.  Where does state revenue come from mostly? Income Tax.  Who pays income tax? People with jobs making an income.  And who provides the jobs?  Businesses.  So what would be the logical and anticipated result of driving away businesses? Less revenue.


To be fair there were some spending cuts.  And just what spending did get cut?  Well first to go to the block was education.

Remember that education has been taking hits since at least 2007 when City College had to start cutting class sections.  Every semester since 2008 we have had to cut approximately 10% of our class offerings.  The district had wisely set aside a large reserve fund but even that well had, as i predicted, a bottom, and now we are reaching it.  Consequently, for Fall 2011, we received the cruelest cuts so far.  Our Academic Budget (from which we get supplies, maintenance, etc.) was cut in half.  50% across the board cuts were instituted without regard to the varying needs of the vastly different departments and programs.

You want to know what social justice really means?  What leveling the playing field really results in?  Well here, boys and girls, it is.  Typically for liberals the solution is to bring everything down rather than trying to bring the bottom up.  Some programs with little more than dry erase markers to buy are treated the same as programs, such as ours, where we live and die by our labs.  Perhaps the new math is not capable of any analysis more complex thinking…???

But then we got the really bad news.   Our hourly lab techs were cut from 72 total hours per week down to … wait for it… wait for it… 3.  That is correct, you did not misread it nor did i misrepresent it.  We are cut from 72 hours to 3.

That means we cannot staff the labs we were approved to run or are necessitated by the course curricula. That bombshell was just verified as accurate today so we have not had time, as faculty, to meet and come up with some plans.  But whatever those plans are to be, they cannot include another penny of funding from the state or district.

Nor will they allow us, as of this point, to charge lab fees.  Why not?  It’s not fair (for God knows what reason) nor is it within the guidelines because, according to some attorney completely ignorant of photographic logistics, do the students “get to keep what they paid for.”  Only in an environment inundated by liberal thinking is it better and more fair to force us to close the labs entirely than to allow students the opportunity to help defray the costs and at least keep them open a little.

To be fair, education was not the only thing our retreaded Governor Moonbeam cut.  Infrastructure was cut, state parks and rec was cut.  But how about state employees (other than teachers) such as prison guards who make up the largest group?  Well, no, their union is too strong.  How about pension reform in a state scandalized by pension abuses?  Well, no, again, the unions involved are too strong.  And no liberal can, by definition, see the unions as anything other than the saviors of mankind.

So here we are watching helplessly as liberal chickens come home to roost on the heads of education generally and students specifically.  So tell me, all you progressive teachers out there, is this what you really wanted?  I hope so; because it is the logical, predictable, and historically inevitable result of the policies you backed; so if it is not seeming like a step toward the ideals and social utopia you desire then, to be frank, you are too stupid to continue being a teacher.

And if it IS what you wanted, then don’t you dare complain in my presence about the low educational standings of California students and schools.


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2 responses to “Snail Darters 100… Education 0

  1. Robert M. Bennett

    August 4, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Your blog is just adding fuel to the fire that has burned brightly for many years. I think it was Einstein that said “There is nothing common about common sense.” The liberals that surround us and have reduced the quality of life for most of us don’t seem to understand or want to understand the long term impact of their misguided philosophy.

    It is easy to complain because there are so many bad decision being made by the majority.

    It’s not so easy to find solution, or at least a path in the right direction.

    I don’t blame the businesses for leaving the State. Their continued existence is based on profits.

    What can we, who love this State and San Diego, do to stem the tide toward ruin?


  2. ndking

    August 4, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I think the solution is fairly easy; it is just extraordinarily painful. Everyone is going to feel the pain including education but rather than try to bring things down to a level it should be based on foundational, constitutional priorities. The debate has been about the role of the state and the progressive winners in California decided the role was to provide cradle to grave entitlements and get those willing to work to accept the idea that they should pay for those not willing to work.

    But that approach has resulted in what we see now. it is out there for all to see who will take off the blinders. Many will not because they love the handouts or because they are true ideologues. if they outnumber the rest of us at the ballot box then they will win and eventually the state, and the nation following its example, will collapse. If not, then there is a chance if we act before some critical mass or “tipping point” is reached.

    The voters have to decide a few basic questions:

    1. How do they think revenue is or ought to be generated.

    2. What are the absolute bare-bones essentials the State must perform to keep the state in business.

    3. Then, prioritize the remaining demands on whatever is left.

    Based on the answers to those questions we need to start from scratch and redefine how the state “earns” its revenue and where it will spend it. Professional politicians have proven incapable of dealing with that. We need to toss ALL of them out and replace them with citizen politicians on a limited leash who have the needs of the state in mind and not their own careers as a politician.

    And in the federal case, we need to make sure that anything the legislators impose on the populace is equally imposed on them.



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