Still Here… I Think…

22 May

San Diego – of course I’ve not seen anyone outside yet…  But the super earthquakes starting in New Zealand at 6 pm local time and continuing around the globe until all the world was consumed predicted by Rev. Camping apparently did not happen or at least the California portion ironically did not cooperate.  But it is California after all…  This is the state that fielded the brilliant political rhetoric of Sean Penn, the political strength of our state’s leaders, the ethical high ground of governor Arnold (and nearly everyone in the celebrity industry), and the amazing singing voice of Tiny Tim and God knows how many hip-hoppers and rappers.  It is only proper that Rev Camping is from Oakland.

I can only imagine his surprise at being able to go to bed last night think he might only be off a few hours of calculations but then waking up this morning.  i would not like to be in his shoes when the calls from the now impoverished true believers start pouring in asking what can they do now that they are homeless and penniless because of his teaching.  Sort of like many of the California electorate questioning the state legislature…

Later...   I was relieved to discover i was not the only one left on the planet and that the cataclysmic events foretold by Rev Camping did not seem to have occurred.  Of course over the course of several thousand years, his math could have been off a little or God could have changed the date just to teach him a lesson about such arrogance so we may not be out of the woods yet.  But I think, as I said in the last post, the date of the end is not nearly so important as how we live up to that date.

Today was the second tier of judging for the San Diego Fair’s International Photo Exhibition and there was some really top quality work to be seen. I will be doing several workshops during the run of the fair and also be involved in a judges review (sort of a open forum print critique) and the judge’s roundtable, so there is a pretty full plate ahead.

So  I think I’ll end the day with thanks that I actually HAVE another day and try to live tomorrow so as to deserve having it too.  I figure I am on borrowed time anyway.  A lot of people, including myself, never thought I’d be alive at this age assuming I would have gone in a blaze of glory or a hail of lead long before now.  During that period I learned first hand about the capricious and totally tenuous grasp on life we can have and so became a believer that this precise moment is the only one we can count on and the only one we have to demonstrate our appreciation for all those that came before and might yet be granted.  God knows i have had moments pass through my hands for which I will forever be regretful, but one can only do their best on a day to day, moment to moment basis.

I for one, therefore, am very grateful that the end did not come yesterday.  I think I need quite a few more days to even begin to make amends for some of those in the past.

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