Yosemite Addendum

14 May

San Diego/Yosemite NP – I have managed to prep a few more shots from the Yosemite trip and it has mercifully gotten my mind off of the idiocy of our state and federal governments.  There are few things which, for me, are more relaxing and able to clear my mind of junk than the natural places of the earth.  I know the appeal to see the beautiful places around the world but I have to confess, in my opinion, there are so many incredibly gorgeous places in our own country, I could easily spend the rest of my days visiting them and trying to render my reactions to them and never feel cheated that I did not get to see some of the other places that do interest me.

My previous images from this workshop showed evidence of the great amounts of water starting to flow from the snow pack on the upper elevations of the park.  But because I am slowly, and at glacial speed, putting together a book of my Yosemite images, I also like to take what I call “book” images.  These are shots that would never stand up as wall display art, but which contribute, sometimes as segue images, to the visual story the book is telling and are important for inclusion in that type of venue.  Below are a couple of those plus a fun experiment.

First is a shot of the very top of Bridal Veil Falls.  You can see the wind is already whipping the water into a spray that may end up falling anywhere in the valley and not just drenching the visitors at the base of the falls.

However, farther into the valley is a waterfall called Horsetail Falls.  It is famous because early each spring the sun sets in such a way that, when the atmosphere is just right, the raking sunset light makes it look like a cascade of molten lava or like the famous but now stopped “Fire Fall” over Curry village.  But when I was there, the angles were not quite right for such a view.  Nevertheless, when the sun starts to go down and the winds change, they can rip the falls apart to where the water is completely turned into spray to water the newly sprouting plants all through the valley.

And now, time for some fun.. at least for me.

Most of you know i was initially trained as a more traditional artist working in paint, sculpture, and printmaking.  So i’ve never been a “purist” of any media.  When I was setting up for one of the shots I took of a little cascade coming through the forest I really saw it as a colored pen and ink drawing.  I took a normal shot but then took one with a different approach designed with that vision in mind.  After a little work on it my initial idea started to come to life and below is the result.

OK, now back to getting ready for finals week!

Oh, by the way, to see some of the other Yosemite pictures I put a few in the post that is two posts below this one.  You can scroll down to see it or simply clock on the name in the right hand column…

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