Book Burnings, Violence, Human Beings, and Brain Dead Animals

03 Apr

San Diego – On March 20th the idiot Florida paster, Terry Jones, burned a copy of the Koran in front of his 50 or so parishioners.  It got virtually no press or attention here because it was seen clearly as the actions of an attention hungry mental midget.  But in Afghanistan, as a response, seven foreign U.N. staff were killed on Friday after demonstrators overran an office in normally peaceful Mazar-i-Sharif city in the north. Ten people were killed and more than 80 wounded in protests on Saturday in Kandahar, where men waved Taliban flags and sacked a girls’ high school.

To explain their actions, brilliant rhetoric was provided in comments such as  “We want the preacher who burned the holy Koran to get a severe punishment,” said 20-year-old Jalil Ahmad. “He is not a human being, he is a brain-dead animal.”  Not to be outdone in expressions of tolerance by spokespeople for the Religion of Peace we also heard from the Taliban. “The U.S. government should have punished the perpetrators, but the American authorities and those in other countries not only did not have a serious reaction, but defended (the burning) to some extent in the name of freedom of religion and speech,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement.

Of course we did not take it seriously… any more than the Taliban spokesman would take the burning of a Bible or Torah seriously.  That is the difference between civilized people and the REAL animals out there.  We discuss our differences and allow for them while the animals of that belief system encourage violence and condone killing over them.  Now tell me why I should give the slightest respect to that view or the people or foundation that inspired and facilitates it.  A copy of a book — not an original manuscript, mind you, but a cheap copy — was burned.  I find that act despicable but it is not even in the same league as killing people since the speech, even stupid abhorent speech, is protected here.  But then stupid killing is protected there…   And the reasoned response by these morons was killing people, injuring others, and sacking a girl’s school.  Wow, how inspirational.  What on earth does the girl’s school have to do with it?  Oh wait, they are opposed to educating women and allowing them to attain the heretical thought that they are better than chattel.  On TV news the other day a scene was dutifully broadcast showing a Muslim asking someone to show them one verse in the Koran that advocated violence.  Of course the target, who had never read the Koran, could not do it.  But I have, and I have posted those quotes in earlier blogs here so there is no point in doing it again assuming anyone is willing to read.  But that Muslim man, if he was authentic, knew the truth of it and was inspired by it and his statistical certainty that no one in that audience had read the book.

Actually we ought to read the book and be inspired by it too.  Inspired to fight any occurence or spread of a philosophy that condones or encourages such actions; that will let women be burned alive in a fire rather than come outside because their veils had already burned up; that stones a woman for getting raped, the is the very antithesis of freedom of ANY sort, much less the freedom of speech and of religion.   I am stunned that King Barrack would condemn the book burning on the same level he decried the violence and killings.  The book burning was stupid; the killing was murder.  Anyone who sees a moral equivalent here is not qualified to speak for the USA and certainly not for me.

This also ought to inspire us to not fall into the trap that much of Europe, especially France and Germany have done, of failing to see the true nature of the people of this belief system who take the words of their book literally and seriously.  We need to realize that our historic, traditional values are under attack by that system because they are told, in the Koran, very specifically to do it (as I quoted in a previous post).

So lets examine Mr. Ahmad’s terms to see who is a human being and who a brain dead animal?  Or, better still, let’s expand it to examine which is the culture of civilized human beings and which the culture of brain dead animals?  Which seems preferable to you: the culture of such freedom that even an act so repugnant to many of our own people as making a so-called art work out of putting a cross in a jar of urine can get national funding, or the culture that kills people trying to help them for a stupid act in a far-off country and issues death sentences to cartoonists who caricature  their leader?   Ours is the culture that easily absorbed a book (The Passover Plot) or virtually anything written by Richard Dawkins, that tried to debunk some closely held and foundational theological beliefs while THEIR culture of Peace issued death sentences for the foreign author that called some of their beliefs into question.  So who then are the civilized humans and who the brain-dead animals here?

Why would any thinking, marginally intelligent person have the slightest problem arriving at an answer to that question unless THEY were brain dead themselves?

And why is my spineless commander in chief not clear in his outrage and condemnation of murder as morally worse than stupidity?  That is, unless he agrees with Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Mujahid in which case why is he my President?

And if Pastor Jone’s actions were the clear and proximate cause of the deaths of those UN workers, should HE not be tried for murder along with the animals who actually did the killing?  He certainly should be exposed for terminal stupidity since history, recent history at that, would easily have predicted what would follow.  And he unfortunately proved, along with King Barrack, that being brain dead is a state not limited to the Taliban or like believers.

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