The Cat is Back!

31 Jan

San Diego – No, not Sunny my house cat, she has not gone anywhere much as she would love to break out of the house and go play with the coyotes and raccoons from the canyon.  I speak rather of my big cat, the Jaguar XJ-SC, my velvet rocket now sitting back where it belongs, in my driveway.  There are photos and early data on it in the writing section of my web site in a section called “My Car is a Chimera.”

Oh it still desperately needs a paint job since the original 1988 clear coat is wearing badly and looks like a snake with its skin half shed, but that will come in a few months after taxes and my treasury recovers from the engine work.  But my goodness, as strong as the supercharged LT1 was before going in for mechanical surgery, it is now as if it has undergone a serious steroids regimen!  The line boring, blueprinting, shaved heads and deck, new hot cam, and methanol injection system plus a completely new custom tune to accommodate those changes have turned it into a raging beast wearing an elegant suit… a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Well, except for the sound, which is sort of a clear give-away that all is not as it appears…  This Jaguar no longer just growls, it roars.

The first week of classes came and went in jerks and fits.  We are WAY overbooked and overflowing in most of our classes.  Plus the week started with a bank when typos in the printed schedule managed to put two instructors in the same place at the same time… twice and left one of them expecting a class time that turned out to be in error.  to make things really interesting our ever skilled IT group waited for the very last minute to image the computers.  Of course as any professionals would do they neither created restore points and a back up nor did they attempt to test the image on a computer or two before propagating it all over the system but that stuff is for weenies…  So of course the computers were pretty much hosed in that they would not access our primary tool, Photoshop.  I spent this weekend correcting that so now we should, I think, be back to at least semi-functional.

i will shortly have the dates for our Landscape Class field trips solidified but tentatively they are 3/4 – 3/6 for the Alabama Hills trip and 4/28 – 5/1 for the Yosemite trip.  I am waiting to hear back from lodging properties to see if there are any conflicts.  Also I will be offering a Saturday afternoon workshop on printing and displaying photos on canvas 2/19 at 1 pm and should run 3-4 hours.   It is $25 for non City students and $15 for City students.  One can sign up in the checkout room.  Profits will go to the Photo Foundation for helping with program supplies and materials.  If this is a success then we will look at offering many more workshops of various types down the road.

Soooo… that gets us started on the second week of the Spring Semester.  Hope springs eternal that it will prove, in the end, to be a good one.  Now if i can have some time to move back into the Jag and have some fun with it.

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