Spring Semester Coming Up Soon…

10 Jan

San Diego – Well, there are only two more weeks of the winter break and I’ve still not gotten out of town to do any location scouting.  Oh well, there is still time for a small photo trek.  This week I want to get all of the prep for Spring done and out of the way and then perhaps next week can take a day or two.  We’ll see…

After a number of delays the Jag is almost ready.  A special mechanic came down last weekend to tune it but misunderstood what was needed and did not bring what he needed to do the complete job.  The top end is now set but this week he will be down to tackle the bottom end and mid range.  Lawton (my mechanic) had so touted the high end performance of the car the tuner thought it was being set up specifically for track use and not to be a daily freeway flyer as well.  When that is accomplished then Lawton will take it to be smogged and it will be ready to roll.   That is all so fascinating to me that the on-board computer can actually hold data to tell the car how to run under various conditions.  in the old day we tuned for some specific use and lived with other conditions.   I am so anxious to have it back and see how much magic he has worked with it I am like a kid waiting for a birthday or Christmas present.

I still have not managed to get my PC back in working condition after the malware attacks that brought it to its knees.  Unfortunately it housed a number of programs I really need to use about now.  if I get the course stuff done early this week then perhaps i can do something with it later in the week.

I’m looking forward to this next semester since it has the Landscape Photography class that I always love doing.  The class is already full!  Wow.  I am also putting together a Saturday workshop on printing and displaying photos on canvas since there is increasing interest in that media.  I think it should be a fun workshop to do and perhaps put a few bucks in the Photo Foundation account as well.  I have demo prints made and a number of various types of stretcher bars and panels ready to demo so am nearly set for it.  I’ll probably do it in mid to late February to allow time to advertise for it.

I’m also thinking of trying out a different page design for this news page so if you log on some day and it looks completely different, don’t immediately think you have gone to the wrong place.



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