Christmas Eve

24 Dec

San Diego – It is Christmas Eve day and here in San Diego the rains have stopped… for a while anyway.  THere are rumors of another storm headed our way and portraying the best of scientific understanding of weather the local weather people are divided into two extreme camps: one asserts the next storms will dwarf the ones that just ended and are now aiming to pound the poor folks to the east; and the other asserts it will be little more than heavy drizzle at the worst.  No middle ground seems to be asserting itself.  in 1979-80 when I was here teaching, the monsoons hit for real and a number of local dams were overtopped and the resulting flooding in Mission/Fashion valley was extreme and catastrophic to several locals who removed or drove around police barricades and drove off into raging waters 10-14 feet high and were swept, in some cases, out to sea.  As if after driving those roads to work for long periods of time, or even a single day, you would not notice they dove down into the old river bed and crossed a couple of small culverts which was all that was needed for the few inches of water that normally flowed there and not think that when it is running bank to bank across the valley it might be over your head…???  It was tragic for their families and any passengers but for the drivers it was, in my opinion, just some much needed chlorine in the gene pool.

Meantime those flora type things that thrive in abundance here are green and responding enthusiastically to the water.  i’ve never understood why but they respond so much better and faster to rain than to water from a hose.  My pool filled to overflowing and the front yard was trying to become a wading pool while water flowed through my garage; but that has gone down and nearly back to normal.  And the sky is virtually clear with only a few high wispy clouds to be seen.

So Merry Christmas to all of my friends; may the spirit of this season as exemplified by the wish for “Peace on earth and goodwill towards all men” fill your life, family, and environs.

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