It’s “MERRY CHRISTMAS” dammit!!!

14 Dec

San Diego – I just got the most pathetic excuse for an email from our district mental health group.  The substance was fine and gave helpful hints to maintain one’s positive mood over the holidays.  But the graphics used for the letterhead showed (1) a snowman, (2) a bizarre grey cartoon cat in a dress holding a wrapped package, (3) a Jewish menorah, and (4) the name Kwanzaa with another menorah (yes, I know they call it a “Kinara” and it only has seven candles) but if you are going to fabricate a holiday, as this one was done in 1966 by a person with a made-up name, then at least design your own candelabra) painted with the colors of one of the African Flags representing African tribal gods.  Now THAT depressed me.

Now let me be clear:  I honestly do not care if anyone wants to celebrate anything.  I am not offended by the holidays and celebrations of others’ beliefs even when they are designed toward exclusivity as is Kwanzaa and not inclusivity as is Christmas with its mantra of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.”  I don’t care if someone wants to celebrate the Solstice, the Saturnalia, Alban Arthan, unbirthdays, or Festivus;, I don’t care if someone wants to roast a ham, a turkey, a gnu, or even each other.  But I am offended when a member of those groups, facilitated by our authoritative sheep pretending to be leaders, wants to eliminate MY holiday and, in a climate of tolerance turned to cowardice (or worse yet, a concerted and malevolent effort to destroy our culture and its traditions as seems to undertaken by the ACLU) succeeds in doing it.

Millions and millions of Americans have celebrated Christmas for several hundred years and before.  Ronald Everitt, AKA Dr. Karenga who created Kwanzaa, was offended because he saw Christmas as Eurocentric which was not only geographically naive, he apparently excluded himself from the collection of “All Men.”  I don’t care about that either, he probably knew whether or not he belonged to that collection better than I do so I will gladly take him at his own implications.  But for us to be willing to use the symbols of a little over 40 year old celebration while excluding those of one nearly 2,000 years old, is political correctness gone insane.  No one goes to a lot to buy Anniversary Trees or Birthday Trees, they buy Christmas Trees.  Ask anyone today in the lines of shoppers with gaily wrapped packages what those are and they will tell you they are… wait for it … “CHRISTMAS presents.”   We have the holiday off from work and on our calendars only because of one special day: Christmas.  It’s a Federal Holiday and it is named by the congress as… gasp… CHRISTMAS.

So for those of you who are offended by that, get over it, go back to work on that horrid day, try to find and move to a country where it is not celebrated, or celebrate whatever you want whenever you want or sit home in the dark warmed by your own self-righteousness and celebrate nothing as you see fit and I will happily fight for your right to do it.   But leave our traditions alone.

And cringe though you might to hear it, even to you I will say, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and wish for you and yours a time of peace and goodwill.

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