WikiAddendum & Last Week of Semester

13 Dec

San Diego: Last week I wrote about why leaking communiques and diplomatic messages was dangerous for world stability.  But, alas, the world is not always that simple or subject to that simple a perspective.  What I wrote was, I still believe, true in that these leaks have the potential of destabilizing an already unstable situation around the globe and that the indiscriminate release of such secret missives is inherently dangerous.  A world in which diplomats and representatives of various countries cannot trust us to keep some things secret while they themselves go on with business as usual will not be one that is well calculated to assure our national security.

However there is another side to the issue that also needs to be addressed.  I’ve had a chance to read some of the material and even from the tiny sampling I’ve had time to absorb what is clear is the ugly overall tone of the released documents and what they reveal.  The countries (and it is important to note the plural “countries” here) involved directly or indirectly in the leaked documents share something untoward: a penchant for nasty, petty, power hungry activities that are devoid of any moral compass other than their own situational self interests.

Well, duh…!  What they also showed was that in our own case, this lack of geopolitical integrity is not administration specific, it was not worse with one and now better with another.  It is, rather, endemic throughout the years at least in part because our government has grown such uncontrollable bureaucracies that run themselves and set their own rules and regulations for others and are so numerous it is an undertaking of cosmic level wishful thinking that ANY administration could oversee them all.  and this administration has simply added to the list.  But also revealed is that in a geopolitical sense we are playing in an already soiled sandbox and with other players who are far more morally bankrupt than we are.  So where does that leave us?

We can continue to try to survive by playing the same tough ugly game and on the same level as the others, which most people find repugnant; or we can unilaterally try to take the high road and be eaten alive by the tigers out there as we smugly adopt a cloak of self righteousness that hides the fact we are not wearing any armor or carrying any weapons.  Or is there some middle ground in which we can survive and prosper if we “go it alone” trying to reclaim our own moral compass?  If there is any good side to this situation it might be that after the vitriol from both sides calms down a bit, we might discuss it rationally and seek for solutions to such a vexing issue.  We claim to be the good guys and surely there is a way we can make that true without sacrificing our security in an increasingly unstable world.

I don’t know the answer to that but I know it is not quite so simple as either of those two solutions, passionately advocated by differing factions, would  have us believe.  To me the only answer is to make us SO powerful that no one would dare mess with us and so self reliant we truly do not need the resources from anywhere else.   Then and then only might they realize that to succeed they need us more than we need them and to play in OUR sandbox they need to also start taking the high road.

But to accomplish that would mean a return to core principals and values and a willingness to, in the short term at least, look internally for our resources, productivity, and power.  And that inescapably leads to approaches for the people that are anathema to those with the entitled, victim mentality who are a drag on such a system.   And it leads to policies diametrically opposed by those who want to see a new world order and approve a globalist approach because the “globe” they seek to embrace is shown, by the leaked documents, to be populated with mostly scurrilous regimes and horrid autocrats.

On a happier note, this is the last week of the semester.  It will be filled with final projects and then we will have a month away from classes for the Christmas break.  I do hope I’ll be able to get out and do some location scouting and photography.  My rocket car now has the engine back in and is being reassembled so perhaps by next week it will be ready to roll.  I can hardly wait!

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