Rainy Weekend

21 Nov

San Diego / Long Beach – It has been a wet, grey, dreary weekend.  I’m not complaining because we can always use the moisture this time of year but it was more like weather you would expect in Seattle than Southern California.  The storms covered most of the southern part of the state so even though I was up in the Long Beach area it was still the same.  Here are a couple of quick shots from the area near the Long Beach Art museum.

The first shot is of the Life guard Headquarters looking across the bay to the Queen Mary.   Behind it you can see the derricks at the container docks where goods from all over the world are unloaded.

The second shot of what appears to be small islands are actually a bit of camouflage to hide the oil rigs working just off shore.  You can actually see part of another one on the right of the first shot.

The Long Beach Art Museum (  is a nice small museum not far from the area of the once famous “Pike” that was, in its day, the west coast version of Coney Island.  Now surrounded by shops and restaurants it is once again becoming a tourist attraction along, of course, with the Queen Mary where, I am told, you can enjoy a cruise experience without ever setting sail and getting sea sick.  Now THAT would be for me.  The museum itself, housed in what was once the summer home of a wealthy benefactor, has a great little restaurant for breakfasts and lunches called “Claire’s” that i would highly recommend.

This coming week will be filled with projects since we have no classes and I can actually get some work caught up.


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