First post on this new blog/news site

11 Nov

As many of you know my computer and my web site were recently attacked virally and have resulted in a prolonged down period for what was my news page.  To solve that i’ve created this blog page via wordpress.  i now need to try to catch up and enter some data to let everyone know I was alive and well and just a bit behind the curve.

October was a month pretty much lost in terms of news since I could not add anything to my old news page.  But mostly the data would have been about teaching and new facilities issues — basically the same as before.  Trying to get I.T. to cooperate and come into the 21st century was and is an ongoing task.  But the good news is that it is getting better.  By the end of this semester and the start of Spring we may actually be functioning at least in the 90% range which would be wonderful.  But the bottom line is, despite the remaining issues, this space is so far removed (in a positive way) from the old place that it has been a comparative dream to teach here.

I’ve not done any photo trips of note so do not have any new photos to post.  But my car, the Jag/LT1 is finally coming together.  The engine is re-assembled and if the planned schedule can be adhered to, it should be inserted back into the car this week.  I can tell you I am enormously excited to drive it after all of the work on it.  Of course it has left me broke for the short term but the result is an amazing and unique vehicle.

Of course last week was the elections and as expected, the poor victimized and entitled culture here in Kalifornia once again voted to accelerate the economic destruction of this state by backing candidates who seem to believe you can spend your way out of a debt crisis and insist on promising themselves things for which there is neither funding nor any hope of ever finding funding.  i wish I could say i was surprised but in fact am not.  Around the country the people seemed to have finally awakened to the fact that we were being hastened down the path to economic ruin but whether or not that profligate culture in Washington will be able to put the brakes on the ship of state before it hits the shoals remains to be seen.

This weekend our photo program and space is hosting the Western Regional conference of the SPE (Society of Photographic Educators) so I’m pretty well nailed down.  We will also be having the closing reception for the faculty show on Friday evening… sort of a last hurrah for that exhibit.  This weekend is also the annual Photo Expo show at the Del mar Fairgrounds which I would really like to go see.

Classes are doing well and I think we are all looking forward to the Thanksgiving week break in a week.  Then we return and there are only three weeks left in the semester.  This one has gone by pretty fast!  And so has this class break so I’m back to class…

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